How NOT To Be Lonely (Part I)

How NOT To Be Lonely

(Part I)

 Scripture Lesson: 

Lamentations 1:1-2, 4, 6, 7, Philippians 4:10-14

So, how does a person cope with loneliness?  After praying to the Lord and then mediating about this particular subject, He has given me three points to speak from:  we are to:

  1. Be content in one’s self (you’re the only “you” that you’ve got)
  2. Be content in one’s current situation (just like the seasons, it will not last forever)
  3. Be content in one’s surroundings (if you don’t like them, change them for the good)

This post, we will be covering Point #1:  Be content in one’s self.

  1. Be content in one’s self (you’re the only “you” that you’ve got), under the full definition of lonely, states that the meaning of lonely is to “be without company”, “cut off from others’, or “not frequented by human beings”.  Since being lonely seems to imply being without others, or by one’s self, it may be a good idea to bat back the “state” of being alone by learning how to be content with one’s self, and THAT contentment MAY start by knowing ourselves—and by appreciating and loving who we are even if we do not have someone around us to tell us who we are, and to give us affirmations (on the other hand, there are sometimes PLENTY of people surrounding us who are more than happy to tell us who we are—or who they think we are—and they may or may not have our best interests at heart).  It is believed that we, if we are Christians, may need to spend one-on-one time with our Maker, the Lord God, who knew us before we were even formed (Jer. 1:5a-b), and Who loves us “with an everlasting love” (Jer. 31: 3a) to find out exactly who we are as individuals, and what our worth is (which may mean spending time outside of church).  You, and I, are the only “selves” that we’ve got—and we only get one chance to go around—in most cases!  How can we expect others—whoever the “others” may be, to treat us right, if WE don’t really know how to treat ourselves right, much less how to be content with ourselves, like ourselves, and love ourselves?  How may we expect real love and appreciation out of our earthly relationships, and for persons to take the time to learn how we “work”, if we ourselves have not (or WON’T) take the time out to tend to ourselves and to discover the same information, to check up on ourselves once in a while, and to put ourselves back in working order when necessary?  We do not expect it from machines, such as a television or computer, so why so we expect the same for us as human beings, and definitely as children of God?  We deserve BETTER—you and I are the only “yous” that we have—LOVE ourselves!!!

Next post, we will be discussing Point #2: Be content in one’s current situation (just like the seasons, it will not last forever)!

God bless you, everyone—see you next post! 🙂

Submitted By:  Shonda R. Greene, M.Ed., MTS

Sermon excerpt from part of the “Cream In My Sugar” Relationship Series Workshop, hosted by Dr. Alisha Broughton.  Visit Dr. Broughton on Facebook at DrAlisha Broughton, on Twitter (@lish8169), and on Instagram (Dr. AlishaBroughton).





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