Keep On Moving! (Part I)

Keep On Moving! (Part I)

Scripture Lesson:  Heb. 12:1

Therefore we also, since we are surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses, let us lay aside every weight, and the sin which so easily ensnares us, and let us run with endurance the race that is set before us,

In preparing for a recent Women’s Day Revival sermon, I began to pray as to what the Lord would have me to say, and my mind went back to an online post which I felt that the Lord had me to “put up” on my Facebook ministry page about two weeks ago.  I have stated before that I do ministry, and have been in the counseling field for over twenty-four years.  I also am a caretaker for my father, who has been diagnosed with ALS.  Because of his need for assistance, I live with my dad (my mother passed away in 2009).  He watches a lot of sports and ESPN—therefore, he and I often watch sports together to pass the time. Two weeks ago, the two of us were watching the Drake and Penn Track Relays on TV, and it was pouring rain in Des Moines, IA where the Drake Relays were being held.  Funny thing though; despite the pouring rain, the runners were still running, still “keeping pace”, and STILL “hanging in there”, even though viewers themselves could barely see anything through the camera lenses.  Lesson of the day:  sometimes you gotta “keep on movin’ ” even in the rain!

Life is rough sometimes, and sometimes you and I may experience seasons of rain.  However, Hebrews 12:1 says that, “since we are surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses, let us lay aside every weight, and the sin which so easily ensnares us, and let us run with endurance the race that is set before us” (NKJV).—what does this mean for you and I?  Despite the “weather”, we are encouraged to “keep in step with God” and “keep on moving”, even if it is just on a spiritual basis temporarily. We can do it! 🙂

Okay, so we have to “keep on moving” and “keep in step” with God—how do we accomplish this task?  I am of the belief that Hebrews 12:1 gives us the three steps towards “keeping things moving” and “keeping in step”—if we look carefully, one step will lead into another, which helps us to break forward:

1)  Lay aside every weight
2)  And the sin which so easily entangles us
3)  Run with endurance/the race that is set before us

For the next three weeks, we will be posting these three steps in a three-part Sunday series entitled, “Keep On Moving!”.  This Sunday, we will discuss Part I: how to—

I.  Lay aside every weight

When I prayed about this first step, I felt as if the Lord was showing me a person—or persons—lying down on their back, strapped down by weights.  In a gym’s free weight area, there are often barbells with weights on the end; a person may take each weight on or off, depending on how much weight he/she wishes to attempt to lift.  In the vision that I believe that He was having me to see, the person was strapped down to the floor with a few of these weights. I wondered about what I saw, and realized that the weights were issues or matters OUTSIDE of you and I that we may or may not be able to control. Note:  It may be a job that never seems to end, it may be family concerns, it may be an illness which you or I may have traveled back and to the doctor to take care of and which appears to be never-ending.  Sometimes, there are SOME THINGS that, even though we may feel that there are matters, which, are EXTREMELY important to us and need to be tended to, sometimes, as ladies, we will, even at the cost of ourselves, lose ourselves and become “weighed down”.  Again: it may be our jobs, or it may be family matters; for clergy persons, it may be ministry matters, while for others, a “weight” might be a health concern.  In order to move forward, I am of the belief that the Lord is asking you and I to lay aside those concerns, or matters, or weights, aside—just for at least a MOMENT—so you and I may at least breathe—rest—and then—if it is time—hear what the Lord may have to say to you and I.  I know that right now, I personally feeling that this is a season—a season to be blessed and to be HEALED.  Be HEALED—it’s not quite time to hear from Me right now—just relax.  “When it is time to hear, I [the Lord] will let you know.”  Lay aside every weight!

Next Sunday, we will discuss Part II: “And the sin which so easily entangles us”.

God bless you, everyone—see you next post! 🙂

Submitted By:  Shonda R. Greene, M.Ed., MTS 🙂



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