Prayer Changes Things

Prayer Changes Things

Last Sunday, I attended a church revival service at Eagle’s Wings Chapel/RCCOG in Dover, DE, where the Pastors Austin and Kemi Eyekpimi served as hosts.  The guest revivalist, Apostle Anthony Aladekoba of Christ Throne Ministry in Maryland, spoke about prayer, and how important prayer can be, and is, in our lives.  It was also mentioned that prayer is the key needed for the Kingdom of God to come!  As I sat, listened, and meditated on God’s Word, as spoken through Apostle Aladekoba, I laughed somewhat to myself, because I had been feeling that the Lord had been speaking to my heart about the same matter—the need for prayer—for about the entire week before (confirmation)!

I thought about how true the message was, not only for the Kingdom of God to come in a futuristic sense, but for the Kingdom of God to come in an EVERYDAY sense—to “show up” in our daily lives.  NOW are we the children of God (1 John 3:1-2)—we do not have to wait for Jesus’s return to have victories—we can pray right NOW to see changes take place in ourselves and in situations around us!  I also feel that we, as Christians, at times, are called to “seasons” of prayer—a time of intense prayer regarding ourselves, family/friends, church, community, national, and international concerns—and that NOW may be one of those seasons where we are called, individually and collectively, to do one big “PUSH” of prayer!  It seems as though many of us within the Body of Christ have experienced many storms during the past few years, and are awaiting answers to, and manifestations of, God’s promises.  Prayer changes things! 🙂

During this Holy Week, I personally feel as if I have been led to pray regarding Jesus’s journey from Jerusalem to the cross to victory, and to ask for revelation as to how His journey has manifested itself in my life in the past, and will do so in the future.  I also will be praying in the manner of a “PUSH” as I stated earlier (Hmm…I guess it’s the time to say the saying: PUSH—Pray Until Something Happens!).  What is He saying to YOU regarding prayer?  Write a comment and let us know!

God bless you, everyone—see you next post! 🙂

Pastor G. 🙂

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